Employment Law and Workers' Compensation

Employment Law

Our firm handles a variety of employment law matters. We assist businesses in adopting policies and procedures that facilitate compliance with applicable state and federal statutes. We also provide guidance and advice to clients on wage and hour issues that arise under the Fair Labor Standards Act, non-compete and non-disclosure issues, employment contracts and severance agreements, and the array of issues that can arise in connection with employee demotions, suspensions, and terminations. We strive to provide practical and realistic advice to clients about both the requirements of applicable laws and the real-world costs and benefits of the various options to address employment issues.

Workers' Compensation

We work with businesses on a range of issues that arise under or relate to the Alabama Workers' Compensation Act. This may involve litigating workers' compensation claims for temporary or permanent compensation benefits or medical care, but it also can involve guidance on return-to-work issues for injured employees, insurance coverage issues, the proper classification of workers as employees or independent contractors, and insuring for potential liabilities under the Workers' Compensation Act when general contractors, subcontractors, and independent contractors work together. Our lawyers are experienced in addressing subrogation and statutory reimbursement rights when an injured employee who has received benefits under the Workers Compensation Act is also entitled to damages from a third party tortfeasor. The firm also works with clients on retaliatory discharge and constructive discharge claims that are brought pursuant to Alabama Code Section 25-5-11.1, as well as co-employee claims which may be asserted despite the broadly applicable exclusivity provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act.

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